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Alejandro Cremades Rocamora



shiftbase, inc., 2023

Developed contents for, as well as designed the UI and developed the frontend for a website where community members learn web3 development techniques. As well as a subscription portal for companies to find and hire engineers among the community members.

Mint Rally

Hackdays Project (Code for Japan), 2023

Contributed to the development and localization for an open source web3 project which can provide free NFTs as proof of attendance to all sorts of events.

OpenLA Streamlit Web UI

Kyushu University Laboratory for Image and Media Understanding, 2023

Developed, maintained and deployed a data-based web application to make OpenLA more accessible. The tool of choice was Streamlit, a Python library that uses a Tornado server and a React frontend.


Kyushu University Laboratory for Image and Media Understanding, 2022-2023

Developed and maintained a Python module to accelerate learning analytics, including the introduction of unit tests to the project.
Honorable mention at the Learning Impact Awards in 2023.


Kyushu University Laboratory for Image and Media Understanding, 2021-2022

Machine learning applied to learning analytics. Classified and k-means clustered text entries, and used deep learning techniques to caption images.

Henkaku Nengajo

Chiba Institute of Technology Henkaku Community, 2022

Developed a web3 frontend to Polygon blockchain and other APIs. A platform for community members to make Free-to-mint NFTs available to other members.

Henkaku Omise

Chiba Institute of Technology Henkaku Community, 2022

Contributed to both the development of a web3 frontend and a number of smart contracts it interacts with. The site enables podcast listeners to interact and earn community tokens that can only be earned by contributing or interacting.

Studio Kura intranet

Studio Kura, 2012-2023

Developed the intranet for a business as it grew from 1 person and 1 location to dozens of people, a handful of locations, and a number of business lines.

Studio Kura curriculum

Studio Kura, 2012-2023

Designed and developed p5.js and web3 activities for kids learning programming in an active learning environment.


Djinn Mentor, 2019-2021

I took part on the development of a data-driven active learning solution with features such as sharing of teaching materials, real-time learning monitoring, and a chatbot for students to answer challenges.
One of the 24 startups to participate in techstars Founder Catalyst Japan 2021.


Renovo Solutions, 2019

Contributed improvements to an existing Angular date and time picker component, due to Djinn Mentor wanting to use it on ChallengeHub.


Alecrem, 2017-2020

Calendar app for iOS and Android with everything you may want to know about today regarding the Japanese language and culture. Only the Android version is still available, but the cultural content, vocabulary and pronunciation samples can still be enjoyed.

iroiro connect

Alecrem, 2023

Website for a sole proprietor with a contact form that uses the Airtable API to store messages, and effectively deliver them as e-mails.

Middle School Tutor

Alecrem, 2022-2023

Gaming tool for Magic The Gathering's Middle School format. Consisting on a Python project that compiles a list of available Magic cards, and a Streamlit website (formerly Next.js) that enables searching said list.


Alecrem, 2023

Real-time and async interaction tool for podcasts that generates a personalized meme bingo card that is different for each combination of user and episode. Spaces can be manually marked as the user listens to the podcast, or they can be automatically marked if the user inputs the password shared at the end of each episode.

Escucha español

Alecrem, 2009-2016

Premium membership site and custom podcast feed for a series of videos made to help Japanese speakers learn the Spanish language.
Featured on NHK's "TV de Supeingo" in 2012 and 2013.